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Protected: Parasite Cleansing

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Diatomaceous Earth

I have been using Diatomaceous Earth for sometime now.  I came across this amazing substance when I lived in Denver.  We got bedbugs from a neighbor and it was horrendous.  Thankfully, I had researched and found that this could be helpful.  I later learned… Continue Reading “Diatomaceous Earth”


DIY ~ Apple Cider Vinegar As I continue my journey, I learn to do more things on my own and make things from scratch.  I come across easy and economical recipes to make things I am using daily.  With the kids selling apples each… Continue Reading “DIY ~ FERMENTS FOR GUT HEALTH”

2 DIY ~ Tonics Cancer & Infection Remedies

Master Tonic AKA Fire Cider Fire cider, or Master Tonic, is a time tested remedy, used traditionally as an anti-microbial, decongestant, and circulatory herbs and spices. A very potent antibiotic. It can be taken daily to support the immune system, stimulate digestion, and warm… Continue Reading “2 DIY ~ Tonics Cancer & Infection Remedies”


Complete List of Toxins and How to Avoid Them

A B-asic C-leanse Diet – BASIC LIST

Basics to Parasite Cleansing

The Daily Routine ~ Eczema and Kidney Healing ~ Parasites B Gone

Many people ask me how I healed from my eczema.  Here is what my days looked like during the healing phase and then what I continue as I maintain my new lifestyle How I Start My Day (bone broth and lemon water) My healing diet MY HEALING DIET Fruit and veggies (clean 15 and dirty … Continue reading “The Daily Routine ~ Eczema and Kidney Healing ~ Parasites B Gone”

Being healthy in a BUSY world~A Complete Shopping Guide

Let’s face it, we are all in a rush.  Our life is busy and it’s hard to maintain our health. Find out where your health needs improvement by taking a quick Health Survey Ultimately we must change our habits to get well or to… Continue Reading “Being healthy in a BUSY world~A Complete Shopping Guide”

How we are like a toilet… – Colon Cleanse

When we have a clogged toilet, this requires immediate attention.  If left too long it can cause major messy and unpleasant problems.  Well our bodies are not somewhat identical in nature.  They may require our help from time to time.  If something gets in… Continue Reading “How we are like a toilet… – Colon Cleanse”

Heavy Metal

Somewhere along my journey, I vaguely remember hearing about mercury toxicity, and aluminum toxicity.  I assumed I had addressed it with my strict diet and lifestyle changes. I have since traced back my kidney and skin issues from around the same time I had swine flu… Continue Reading “Heavy Metal”

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