The Daily Routine ~ Eczema and Kidney Healing ~ Parasites B Gone

Many people ask me how I healed from my eczema.  Here is what my days looked like during the healing phase and then what I continue as I maintain my new lifestyle

  1. How I Start My Day (bone broth and lemon water)

Fruit and veggies (clean 15 and dirty dozen)

  • Foods to AVOID
    • GMO foods
    • FOOD Chemicals and additives


What in the world is parasites?  I was in bed just like any other night, putting cream on my hands and had just given up sugar for my kidney stones, started my new diet a few weeks earlier, and was 10 days into my 30 day Faith Detox with Laura Harris, when the word came to mind.


I was shocked, I spent the next 2 hours researching and discovered that all my health issues fit into the category of parasites.  But don’t panic or fret like I did.

This knowledge and enlightenment has brought a hopefulness to me that healing is possible with Christ’s guiding spirit.

To learn more watch this video

What’s Eating You? Documentary

There are many good cleanses out there from Dr Christopher’s, Dr Hulda Clark, or making your own and eating an anti parasite diet.  You are not alone.  Let the healing begin.  There is hope.

BUT HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Putting it altogether

  • PARASITE? “I don’t have parasites”

How I dealt with the night itch: (usually worse around the full moon phases)

  •  I would have to get out of bed and take a Detox Bath or soak it in Vodka and essential oils 
  • I began being proactive and doing it before bed as well.  Sometimes more than one a night.
  • Continual detoxing and parasite cleansing.
    • I externally applied Cinnamon and Cayenne Scrubs before my Detox Baths, which started feeling good after a few days.  I did this off and on over a few weeks and alternated them as at times it was painful but I could see and feel them retreating.  I actually almost gave up the scrubs thinking that they were spreading except, I felt it was working and stuck with it.  I would scrub with a loofa or scrape off the peanut butter after a while.  I began seeing little black specks show up on my skin.
    • I would also crush and rub garlic on them as well.  This seemed to relieve itching.
    • I used Thymol and Vodka and a rub to
    • I applied my homemade herbal pine salve

What’s a parasite cleanse?

  • I avoided foods that feed parasites
    • dairy, wheat, and sugar
    • support my body and detoxing organs by
      • eating only organic or clean veggies and fruits for a time
      • your gut needs healing first
        • Continue bone broth and avoiding GMOs (FOREVER-corn and soy are common GMO but there are so many more now) and glyphosate which is on all non organic wheat products
        • Once your bowels are working regularly and eliminating well you can tackle internal parasites.

I feel crawling, itching, biting sensations with nothing on my skin I get this sensation of bugs crawling on and in me. 

It really is crawling of parasites, ones trying to crawl through my skin.

Well, it’s not as bad during the day, but at night I get really itchy.  Parasites are active at night.

The ones that cycle with the moon and monthly itch, blister and weep, heal a little and then again in about a week.

They are going through their little breeding frenzy, hatching phase and whatever else they do.

  •  “This doesn’t sound like anything less than parasites to me.  After Parasite Cleansing, I have been over 2 years free of eczema and I live to share and help people find their healing…”

How I Parasite Cleansed

    • I made tinctures from ingredients of well known remedies from Dr Christopher and following recommendations from Dr Hulda Clark.  I made my own tinctures by adding herbs and letting them set in vinegar for a few days.  I also set aside half and put some in alcohol to redo later as recommended every 6 months or so or until all signs of infections are gone.
      • wormwood
      • cloves
      • green black walnut hull
      • And chlorophyll (LIQUID NOT TINCTURE)
    • I used anti-parasitic foods such as:
      • pumpkin seeds blended with pineapple juice
      • papaya seed
      • garlic
      • ginger
      • garlic, ginger in raw honey

Recommended doses from Dr Clarke

and more..

Other things that helped parasite cleanse


Applying cinnamon and cayenne topically seemed to burn the critters out.  In fact, I actually chased the rash from in between my pinky and ring finger down into my hand, it formed the S shape you see above in the picture.  It took about 6 months of intense diet and cleansing from start to finish.

I feel that diet and cleansing as well as topically go hand in hand and in order to fully gain headway, the combination of diet and detox as well as topical remedies are necessary.  Go with your gut.  You do what is best for you.

Taken  from my Journal of Healing on


(each step is different timing for everyone and ADDS to what has been accomplished in the prior steps.  It was important for me to maintain clean eating the entire time and ongoing in order to avoid leaky gut again allowing toxins and parasites to enter into the body through the colon or GUT.)

NOTE: I didn’t get sick or have eczema just one day so this took me time and as long as necessary to clear out the junk and replace it with LIFE giving GOD HEALING FOODS.  So it was a progression and each step just a part of the healing journey.

THIS IS A NEW LIFESTYLE.  This NEW life was worth ALL THE TIME it took to heal.  I only maintain and avoid toxins (sugar included) and GMO’s and i have been over 2 years eczema FREE.  I cannot tell you how AMAZING it is.

“I sometimes find myself wondering when it will flare.”

The 1st – 4 steps took me anywhere from 30-60 days I believe.  (I may update this once I finalize reading through all my random notes.)

    1.   FIRST thing I did was eliminate refined SUGARS (this was for my kidney stones and helped relieve my eczema so BONUS, right?)  This can take as long as it takes.
      1. How I weaned off my SUGAR addiction.
      2. How I got the kids off SUGAR (Recipes and more that I used)
    2. I worked on cleaning up the diet, avoiding NON GMO and pesticide, herbicides, Glyphosate, and heal up the gut, avoiding MEAT, WHEAT and DAIRY as well. (SUGAR, WHEAT AND DAIRY feed parasites)
      1. While doing this I maintained a basic diet of the following, I ate basic veggies and a few fruits, nuts, beans, flax, quinoa, homemade fresh raw goat milk kefir, kombucha, kimchi, lots of garlic, lots of salads, soups with bone broth, juicing carrots, cabbage soups, avocados, smoothies, flax, chia and more.  See my Basic Shopping List – What Can I Buy?
      2. Ways I did Gut Healing
        1. Bone Broth
        2. Restore for Gut Health
        3. Restore Professional (Recommended by my kids functional medicine pediatrician)
        4. Probiotics
          1. S BoulardiiFermented foods (Homemade is Best)
          2. Sour Krout (Key for kidney stone formers)
          3. Kimchi-spicier the better
          4. Kefir – homemade raw goat milk kefir
          5. Kombucha – homemade green tea and honey fermented tea
          6. Pickles
        5. Digestive Enzymes
          1. tablets
          2. papayas and veggies
    3. I was reading and following The 30 Day Faith Detox book by Laura Harris.
      1. I cleansed the liver, gal bladder, kidneys and colon with food she recommended, detox drinks and herbs.


I ONLY Parasite Cleansed AFTER I knew my bowels were regular (using the bathroom several times a day with no pushing required)  (GO HERE TO FIND WAYS TO GET REGULAR)  I did experience some die off and felt worse at times, but I pushed through or eased off a bit on the amount taken or switched remedy up a little.

    1. While doing this I maintained LOTS OF LIQUIDS, clean juices, coconut milks, and waters, and filtered water and the following basic diet, I ate basic veggies and a few fruits, nuts, beans, flax, quinoa, homemade fresh raw goat milk kefir, kombucha, kimchi, lots of garlic, lots of salads, soups with bone broth, juicing carrots, cabbage soups, avocados, smoothies, flax, chia and more.  See my Basic Shopping List – What Can I Buy?
      1. INTERNALLY:  I started taking my homemade parasite tincture of black walnut hull, cloves, and wormwood as per Dr Hulda Clarke
        1. When I felt overwhelmed with this I would rotate the following while ensuring that I was still regularly eliminating.  ALL of these were not necessarily needed but it was good for me to switch things up a bit here and there.
          1. Parasite Tincture
          2. Garlic and ginger
          3. Cayenne in my lemon water
          4. Master tonic
          5. Papaya seeds and I made them into an tincture as well
          6. Pumpkin seed and pineapple juice.
          7. Olive leaf extract
          8. Essiac tea
          9. GSE
          10. Healing Honey
      2. EXTERNALLY:   I took nightly Detox Baths in the hottest water and for as long as I could stand. (I turned up my water heater to the highest setting.)  (USE CAUTION NOT TO BURN YOURSELF OR YOUR KIDS)
        1. I would apply one or more of the following for 30-60 mins prior to bathing, details and RECIPES FOR THEM HERE  (I used what I had on hand or the one that I could stand to leave on the longest, the burning became numbing and felt relieving for the maddening itch)
          1. cinnamon scrub until it no longer burned or reacted
          2. cayenne scrub until I could no longer stand it.  I actually chased the eczema and thought it was spreading into an S shape (see top image) when doing this one.
          3. thyme and vodka when I needed relief from itching and crawling at night and couldn’t OR simply didn’t want to do anything else.  This also helped to dry out weeping wounds.
          4. I crushed garlic at random and rubbed it on the blisters
        2. In the bath I would scrub the blisters off or raw with a scrubber or even borax if I felt itchy or crawly or skin was peeling and open up the wounds.
          1. I would towel dry off completely and apply pine salve to protect the wounds from any other infections OR cover again with a scrub and cover overnight or leave on as long as possible and wash or scrape off.  (I wasn’t getting much sleep anyways)  why not make use of my night awake and battle the buggers ..  ON MY HANDS I WORE rubber or latex GLOVES for the scrubs

If not parasites, can you tell me what it is then? 

The whole process of healing for me, from start to finish, was about 6-9 months I recall, THIS MAY CHANGE WHEN I FIND ALL MY NOTES AND FILL IN GAPS.

NOTE: I was experimenting with ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING and I didn’t have a clear regimine, these are the remedies that worked the best for me, so it could be less for those who go after me if wholeheartedly committed to battle.  I simply listened to my body and used what was provided to me during this time.  I believe God guided my every step as I had most of the things provided at the right moments.  He can and will guide you as well.  Ask HIM.

Matthew 7: (KJV Bible)

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

I have eliminated parasites. Weird mite looking things under the naked eye.  Even weirder under a microscope.  It is either a part of eczema or possibly a secondary infection. but a detox and parasite cleanse cured me.  Diet and all is part of the equation. I pray you find relief from this.

THESE are actual dates and notes of what I did and when

May 10, 2016 ~ I rubbed Cinnamon, Peanut Butter and Honey on my Eczema left it on as long as I could and scraped it off after the itch went away.

After washing and removing the scrub completely, whitish short worms or eggs began appearing on my skin and I had my kids homeschool microscope handy.  (See on the center of the glass below my hand)

Same little yellowish egg or worm under the microscope.  It is see through.


Little black specks appeared on my skin.  Here is what I found under the microscope.  There were times they were moving.  There are just a few pictures.  I look up morgellions and find similar info.  How could this connect with the pandemic of 2020?  (See Video Below)

“What is this thing? Its smaller than a grain of sand and barely visible to the naked eye.”  

I never had luck getting any doc to consider parasites or look into this for me.  Honestly, I was scared to be labeled as Delusional parasitosis, I only know what I went through and what I saw under the microscope.  

2 Days After Cinnamon Scrub

I began going stronger and experimented with:

  •  Cayenne Scrubs Cayenne and Bentonite Clay and Cayenne and Yogurt Scrubs and covering my hands with gloves
  • I also continued doing detox baths at night with Borax and Peroxide baths.

A few days after the cayenne and cinnamon scrubs for a few days, I began dipping my hands in Borax and Dish soap followed by applying Herbal Pine Salve

By September 28, 2017


I can say that I have continued to maintain a sugar free diet and avoid the toxins and GMOs.  I am still eczema FREE as of DECEMBER 2018…

(I will add to this as I can recall everything from memory and going through my notes)  I haven’t quite wrapped my head around sharing all this publicly.


Jennifer Daniels shares her parasite remedies for all types of ailments, distilled pine resin as put in foods for flavoring.  My friend shares her testimony here about how she overcame MS type symptoms by parasite cleansing according to Jennifer Daniels.  Another friend just shared how her close friend was able to overcome Lyme with Jennifer Daniels protocol as well.  They both warn that if choosing this method, it is important to follow all the recommendations and instructions step by step to avoid a harsh herxheimer reaction.  Meaning, you must be sure to follow through with enemas…

Want a gentle cleanse try this parasite tincture.


Don’t forget to start detoxing and cleansing your colon well.  You may ask AM I TOXIC?  Or WHERE TO START?

Read about my FULL LIFE DETOX

Basic Instructions GUIDE to wellness

2 Peter 1:2-4 King James Version (KJV)

Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord,  According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:  Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

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