Watts Kids Market

The kids have been very busy lately.

They have been making and selling handcrafted goat milk soap, salve, jewelry and selling apples, watermelon, cantaloupe, and grapes locally.

Here are some of the soaps they have made so far.  LIKE US ON FACEBOOK for $1.00 off your order


Goat Milk Soap DETAILS



Herbal Pine Salve DETAILS



Cayenne Pain Salve DETAILS



Black Drawing Salve DETAILS



Genuine Raw Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Other HEALTH products can be found here

Shop Azure Standards for Non GMO and Organic quality foods

Your Healing Foodie Grocery List

Soaps, Salves, and teething necklaces can be ordered here online ANYTIME…  Or by calling 208.249.9481


Order or inquire Below






You may order directly from me or visit Us on Etsy

Your order is not complete until you respond to the email we send you.  You should receive an email invoice where you can finish your order and make any changes and confirm your order.  Shipping prices may vary with bulk orders.  Larger quantities can be specified in comments and shipping determined in email before order confirmation.  Any questions, please text number below.


Call or text to order yours now. 208.249.9481


Thanks for shopping Watts Kids Market!!!


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Seasonal Sales

Local Fresh Gala Apples



Table and juice/wine grapes





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