I live to please God alone. (Ranting on…)

Ever wonder why we live to please those around us, when we cannot possibly know what another is thinking and needing at a given moment?  Well you are not alone.

Ever try to make the ones in your life happy or feel loved with nothing more than frustration from failure to meet their needs?

Ever look to those you love to make you feel whole, complete, or fulfilled?  It’s a losing battle my friends.

I am here to share that God alone is the answer.  I cannot make anyone happy fulfilled or complete.  I am not supposed to please anyone, make them whole, ensure they feel loved or needed.

God alone is the ONE we must seek to please.  He alone is the ONE who can make us complete, whole and fulfilled.  All other sources and outlets are vanity.  We will only frustrate ourselves and those around us to the point of exhaustion, disatisfaction ragged and raw.

We are designed codependant.  Codependant for God.  Codependant on God.

Man is in a wretched state and we must break the chains that bind us.  We must be driven to please the ONE who created us to love.  Only this kind life is pleasing to God.  Once we FULLY grasp that we cannot please God and man at the same time and BEGIN TO keep our focus on Him alone, we can fully heal from all lifes hurts.

We cannot possibly fulfill another.  We must seek God to fulfill our every breath.


God, help me to live for YOU ALONE?

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