How I Start My Day (Daily Detox Drinks)



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3 Detoxing Jump Starting Drinks ~ Updated 1/5/19

Great for kidney stone flushing and liver, kidney and gal bladder organ support.  Always use filtered water.

  • Green Tea*

Start your morning right, make a cup of green tea with lemon* and a tad of molasses* or honey*

  • Lemon Water

Add fresh squeezed lemon* to your water with

These drinks with lemon help your body pH and liver and kidney function, not to mention the many other health benefits that come along.  It will curb diabetes, heart disease and much more.  Start low and slow and add a little more each day to work into a Tbsp of apple cider vinegar*.

NOTE: Lemons are currently on the Clean 15 list and you do not have to purchase them organic unless you plan to use the peels.  Update as of 2019 they are not on the list.

Molasses*contains needed minerals many of us are lacking and honey* is healing as well.  Don’t wait for another day.  Enjoy these amazing drinks and let them go to work.


I also occasionally added the following to my regular detox drinks.

I ALWAYS PREPARED (OR had my kids help prepare) a large glass of water and one of these listed above or below available during my DETOX BATHS to stay hydrated well.

  • Bone Broth* to begin healing my gut.  This works to repair damage done by chemicals (such as glyphosate), antibiotics and medications that cause leaky gut.
  • Essiac Tea (one or two batches during my journey)
  • Cayenne* and Lemon Juice* (on occasion during a detox bath)
  • Master Tonic*


Other Kidney Stone reducing foods and supplements.


-celery juice*

-magnesium citrate*

*-Safe while pregnant



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